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Billion dollar improvement program for Sydney

The City has again delivered a balanced budget with no debt, which places us in a strong financial position over the next decade.

The 2012/15 Budget was endorsed for public exhibition at Council last night and the City will soon start asking for feedback from the community.

We will be investing almost one billion dollars over the next 10 years on projects big and small to strengthen Sydney’s reputation as a leading global city.

21 major projects are due for completion in 2012-13 and there are dozens more in the pipeline.

Our research shows people choose to work, set up a business and visit Sydney for many of the same reasons they choose to live here, so making our city work for residents is just as important as making it work for business and visitors.

It’s our high-quality parks, healthy environment and diverse cultural life that attract people but it’s critical our transport network and infrastructure also support growth.

The City’s long term Sustainable Sydney 2030 strategy outlines how we plan to tackle these critical issues, and I’m pleased to report we are well on track to meet our goals.

Major projects worth $864 million scheduled for the next 10 years include:

  • $303 million for infrastructure, a health and recreation centre and other community facilities at Green Square
  • $233 million for green infrastructure development including trigeneration and photovoltaic power, LED street lighting and stormwater and waste management in the city centre and Green Square
  • $180 million for the pedestrianisation of George Street to support the introduction of light rail and provide better opportunities for business
  • $113 million for refurbishing and enhancing libraries, child centres and other community facilities
  • $35 million for the redevelopment of Perry Park in Alexandria including a new sporting precinct.

The City will also invest an additional $894 million on ongoing programs, including:

  • Footway reconstruction, pedestrian cycling and traffic calming
  • Road reconstruction and stormwater management
  • Tree planting and improving parks
  • Upgrades to make the City more accessible.

21 major projects are due for completion by mid 2013, including:

  • The restoration of the Eternity Playhouse
  • Revamps of the Glebe and Paddington town halls
  • The rehabilitation of the former Royal South Sydney Hospital site
  • Coulston Street pedestrian link to Sydney Park
  • Fitzroy Gardens refurbishment
  • A pedestrian lift at McElhone Stairs, Potts Point.

I encourage you to have a look at the budget and have your say.

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This year's Lord Mayor's Prize at the Institute of Architects’ annual NSW Architecture Awards has gone to the UTS Science Faculty, Building 7, by Durbach Block Jaggers Architects & BVN Architecture. The building weaves together the built form needed by students and teachers with the open space of the Alumni Green and the surrounding streetscape. It contains a range of specialist research facilities, clinical teaching spaces and Australia’s largest undergraduate science teaching space, all while carrying a 5 Green Star Rating. I introduced the Lord Mayor's Prize in 2013 as part of our drive to raise the quality of our built environment and to improve the quality of the public domain through architectural or urban design excellence. As this building and those surrounding it evolve and grow, there will be continued opportunities to improve the public domain and create a noteworthy urban public open space for students, visitors and Sydneysiders alike.

Two weeks after getting it wrong, the Daily Tele 'clarifies' their errors. But today's effort gets it wrong too. Despite claims in this 'clarification', the Tele always knew @cityofsydney was not involved in this project because we and CoDesign Studio told them so from the beginning. They won't let the facts get in the way of their agenda.