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Clover talks about her work for Sydney communities and the power of independence:

As Lord Mayor, I have transformed our city government into a responsive organisation that has a carefully consulted long-term strategy and the practical expertise to achieve results. Our City is focused on securing a sustainable future—environmentally, socially, culturally and economically.

I have worked to create better transport options including a network of safe, separated cycleways that make bike riding a convenient option.

Small bars and live music a really important part of our culture. I’m working to create a balanced night-life that gives people more choice late at night.

Supporting our GLBTI community is something I’ve always been passionate about, and I continue to work with them on important issues.

A successful city needs a diverse economy. My work to support creative and digital start-ups is helping boost Sydney’s reputation for innovation.

More people are choosing to raise children in Sydney so I’m working to boost the amount of child care available while making sure children have access to high-quality parks and open spaces.

As an independent elected representative, I work for our community’s interests, for the needs of Sydney and for the future. I love our area and want to make it an even better place to live and work, and to transform it into a leading sustainable city globally.

I represent you directly, providing an independent alternative to party politicians. I challenge government inaction and the stranglehold of vested interests over political parties, which has shut out community input.

I work for a better environment and living amenity, and to defend our parks and foreshores. I promote progressive solutions to inner city problems, and I have initiated social justice legislation of state significance.

I offer you courage, commitment and integrity, more hard work and active representation to address the problems of Sydney, as well as an ongoing commitment to raise standards in government and politics.

My career in the NSW Parliament

In a career spanning 24 years, I was honoured to represent inner Sydney as an Independent as the Member for Bligh and the Member for Sydney.

I took your concerns directly to Parliament to influence and get action from Government. I spoke on legislation, asked questions and lobbied responsible Ministers to keep your concerns on the agenda.

I was forced out of Parliament because of legislation enacted by the O’Farrell Government, with the support of the Shooters and Fishers Party and the Fred Nile group, that bans the holding of elected positions in both state and local governments.

I held both positions from 2004 to 2012 by majority popular vote, state and local, but my reelection as Lord Mayor of Sydney for a third term means I had to resign my state seat following the passage of the Government’s legislation.

Representing our community at both levels of government allowed for effective and efficient democratic representation.

If you’d like to know more about my work as the local member, you can read my final speech to parliament  here: www.clovermoore.com.au/my-final-speech-to-the-nsw-parliament/

You can also watch this story from ABC’s 7.30 Report about my final day in the NSW Parliament.

Lord Mayor Salary Trust

My decision to run for Lord Mayor in February 2004 was made in extraordinary circumstances. The City of Sydney and South Sydney Councils were sacked and forced together just seven weeks before the Council’s elections were due.

I gave an early commitment that if elected I would not accept the Lord Mayoral salary and that I would donate it to charity.

This commitment resulted in my establishing Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP Salary Trust in October 2004 and donating my Lord Mayoral fees to the Trust.

Guided by the management of a Trustee Committee, the Trust has donated over $1.1 million to projects that have helped young people at risk, homeless people, former prisoners and their families, and people with mental illness. It has also supported animal welfare and community environmental projects.

See a full list of grants here: www.clovermoore.com.au/lord-mayor-trust-grants/

The Committee includes solicitors Richard D’Apice and Gerard Gooden, Cr Robyn Kemmis, and my former Electorate Officer, Roy Bishop, who has extensive experience with community-based welfare organisations and is familiar with my values as well as my commitment to finding compassionate solutions to complex social problems.

The Committee is now reviewing the priorities of the Trust and how donations from my Lord Mayoral fees can best be directed to innovative, cutting edge projects that will achieve worthwhile outcomes for people most in need.

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