The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) will review all councils’ ‘Fit for the Future’ submissions. IPART has also asked the public to comment on their council’s submission. Read more

Yesterday we submitted our “Fit for the Future” proposal to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART). IPART will now assess whether the City has the capacity to deliver services to the community in a sustainable and efficient way. Read more

Recently the Daily Telegraph has reported allegations of bullying and harassment in the City of Sydney’s rangers unit. These reports are misleading and are shamefully being used by some for self-centred political point-scoring.

Read more

Today I announced that work has commenced on a 2.4km underground stormwater drain to reduce flooding in Green Square during torrential rain events.

Read more

Today, in a Sydney first, experts and representatives from almost all of Sydney’s 41 councils have come together to develop a long-term plan to help build a resilience plan for our city. Read more

InviteThe City is hosting the Green Square is here community event this Saturday (27 June) and you’re invited. Read more

On the weekend I was very pleased to open the newly refurbished Reconciliation Park in Redfern. Read more

Last night we held an Extraordinary Council Meeting to consider the City’s submission to “Fit for the Future”, the NSW Government’s scheme to slash the number of local councils.

Read more

Today we announced the formation of a City investigation squad to bolster efforts to shut down illegal accommodation providersRead more

On Sunday I joined Housing Minister Brad Hazzard and CEO of Bridge Housing John Nicolades at Cowper Street in Glebe.

Read more

The Department of Education has given the City of Sydney and the community last-minute notice that it will not proceed with purchasing land in Ultimo for a new primary school.

Read more

Today at the University of Sydney I spoke at the City’s forum on Creative Spaces and the Built Environment. Read more

Today’s Daily Telegraph dedicated two full stories and its editorial to criticism of the City’s Grants and Sponsorship Program. The program provides funding and support for initiatives that contribute to cultural, social, environmental and economic life in the City. Read more

This week started with two pieces of positive international climate action news: The G7 announced an agreement to phase out the use of fossil fuels by the end of the century; and new figures show China’s emissions will peak five years earlier than expected. Read more

In a self-interested attempt to gerrymander the City’s boundaries, Liberal Councillor Christine Forster is advocating for the separation of the CBD and the City’s residential areas. Read more

It was great to see that so many people turned out in Martin Place on Thursday morning to rally against the NSW Government’s removal of the College Street cycleway.

Read more

It’s great that people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of keeping e-waste out of landfill. Computer screens and TVs contain toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury and arsenic, which can leach out from landfills and into waterways. Read more

Congratulations to Wesley Enoch, who was today announced as the incoming Sydney Festival Director for a three-year tenure from 2017-2019. Read more

The Bays Community Coalition is hosting a community workshop on 7 June to discuss the current plan for the future development of the Bays Precinct. This is your opportunity to learn more about the project and respond to UrbanGrowth NSW’s call for great ideas to shape the future redevelopment of the Bays Precinct. Read more

The City is strongly opposed to the closure of the Powerhouse Museum at Ultimo and we have passed a resolution to that effect, while saying we also strongly support the expansion of much-needed cultural facilities in western and south-western Sydney. Read more

The NSW Government’s plans to remove the College Street cycleway without providing a replacement will put people’s safety at risk.

Read more


The Cross being created at the foundry.

This week the City completed the restoration and installation of a Victoria Cross long missing from the Foley Park World War I Memorial in Glebe. Read more

Our William Street Creative Hub now has a new tenant, with the Australian Design Centre and Object Gallery opening this week.

Read more

The NSW Government has now appointed the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) to review Council proposals on “Fit for the Future”. Read more

Sydney Writers’ Festival officially kicks off tonight with an opening address by author Mohsin Hamid titled, “Life in the Time of Permawar”. SWF may be held over just one week, but this annual festival gives us food for thought and matters to debate for months to come. Read more

On the weekend I opened the upgraded St James Park in Glebe. St James Park is the latest example of the City’s work to build high-quality community spaces and attractive places to relax. Read more

During debate in state Parliament today, Alex Greenwich proposed a motion calling on the Government to rule out forcing local councils to amalgamate. Read more

Our economy continues to go through big changes. One thing is clear: Australia’s future lies in innovation, not digging up and exporting minerals.

Read more

At Council’s Environment Committee meeting yesterday, we unanimously approved the City’s plan to build a community farm at Sydney Park. We will now start work on the farm’s produce areas, orchard, composting and waste management facilities.

Read more

Construction of light rail will be the biggest change to the Sydney CBD for decades. It is an enormous, complex job and everyone involved will have to work together to keep Sydney moving.

Read more

This morning I was delighted to speak at the launch the 2015 Sydney Film Festival. In all its richness and diversity, Sydney Film Festival reflects our city and our world — and the City is a proud supporter of it. Read more

This morning I received a letter from the federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure, Jamie Briggs, encouraging me to support the NSW Government’s WestConnex project.

Read more

The latest revelation of plans to develop a new stadium in public parkland at Moore Park is nothing more than a greedy land grab.

Read more

Last night I was pleased to launch “Top5Feet” as the first of this year’s Art & About artworks, in one of the city’s much-loved spaces.

At dusk, from now until 20 May, a giant light box and projection artwork will run the entire breadth of the eastern chamber of Paddington Reservoir Gardens. Read more

Last night I congratulated the winners of this year’s Sydney Rides Business Challenge.

A record 4,804 people rode over 313,000km as part of this year’s Challenge, which is now the largest of its kind in the world. Read more

The $15 billion WestConnex toll road project is the largest transport project in Australia’s history. Despite this, the NSW Government has still not released traffic modelling, Environmental Impact Statements or a business case for the road project. Read more

On Anzac Day we pay tribute to all who have fought and died for our country in war and this year is particularly important as it is the Centenary of the Anzac landings. Read more

This Friday at Town Hall we will be thanking our departing International Student Leadership and Ambassador (ISLA) participants and welcoming a new intake. Read more

Leading scientists advise that climate change will cause increases to the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. The storms of the past week show how important it is for cities to be ready for such events.
Read more

I’m very concerned about the number of people who have been killed or injured on our roads. That’s why the City has launched a new road safety campaign to highlight the number of accidents occurring in the city’s most dangerous areas.
Read more

If you are thinking about hosting live music in your pub, bar or restaurant, or even opening your own venue, the City can help. Read more

The Sydney Rides Business Challenge has been a huge success. There are still a few days to go, so it’s not too late for you to sign up, take part and log your rides.

Read more

The City has been criticised in the Daily Telegraph this morning for our investment in public art and energy efficient infrastructure. Read more

After years of deals being done behind closed doors, the public has now been allowed to see what the future of Barangaroo South will look like.

Read more

The NSW Government’s redevelopment of the 80-hectare Bays Precinct, stretching from Blackwattle Bay to the White Bay Power Station, will be one of the most significant urban renewal projects in Sydney.

Read more

It’s a sad fact that many politicians in Australia ignore evidence-based research, so I’m not surprised Penrith MP Fiona Scott has made claims before looking at the data. Read more

Youth Week in the City starts this Friday, 10 April. Young people are bursting with new ideas and energy, and it’s important that older generations listen to and support them. Read more

Like most arguments for WestConnex, the claim that nearly half of Western Sydney commutes to inner Sydney for work each day (published in today’s Daily Telegraph) is just wrong. Read more

Today I unveiled Yininmadyemi, an artwork which celebrates and commemorates our Indigenous service men and women. Aboriginal artist Tony Albert’s work features four seven-metre tall, 1.5 tonne bullets and three fallen shells to represent the diggers who returned to Australia and the ones who lost their lives. Read more

Sydney is a city of villages offering a rich variety of tastes, cultures and experiences. Each community offers something unique, with iconic destinations and a distinctive style, from the historic to the hip. Read more

On 16 March 2015, the City of Sydney hosted a public meeting at Sydney Town Hall about WestConnex attended by around 500 people.

The meeting strongly endorsed concerns that the project would not achieve the NSW Government’s stated objectives. Read more

In the lead up to this Saturday’s state election I again called on NSW Premier Mike Baird to rule out, if elected, the forced amalgamation of local councils.

Read more

You might have seen a story in the Sydney Morning Herald at the end of last week about the City’s new street furniture. Read more

I am saddened by the passing of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.

Read more

The Sydney Rides Business Challenge is almost here, and I joined hundreds of riders for breakfast in Hyde Park on Tuesday morning to celebrate.

Read more

Reports this week of another attempt by the SCG Trust to take over Moore Park would destroy precious parkland. It’s now clear why the O’Farrell and Baird Governments wasted $38 million on a bridge over Anzac Parade – to enable the commercialisation of even more public land in Moore Park East and Moore Park West.

Read more

This Monday at Town Hall, hundreds of Sydneysiders gathered to hear from experts and express their concern about the State Government’s WestConnex project. Read more

Tomorrow the City is hosting two important events to tackle the housing crisis in Sydney. The problem has been growing for some years, but it’s reached a point where it can no longer be ignored and it stretches across the whole metro region. Read more

This Friday is National Ride2School Day, a great opportunity to improve the health and fitness of young people. Read more

Informing our community:

The City asked SGS Economics & Planning to review the WestConnex project because the State Government has not provided details on traffic modelling and is shockingly negotiating contracts before finishing environmental assessment. Read more

You may have noticed the bright red, blue and purple floral displays around the City this summer. These stunning displays have filled over 450 hanging baskets around the city alongside 900 planter boxes and floral towers. Read more

Our City Rangers face a shocking amount of verbal and physical abuse in the course of their work. 200 verbal and 67 physical assaults have occurred over the past five years. Read more

This morning had the great pleasure of thanking the volunteers and staff organisers responsible for the Safe Space program. Read more

A new book from the Grattan Institute reaffirms what we’ve known for some time – that poor planning and investment by state and federal governments has had detrimental effects on our cities.

By concentrating jobs in our inner cities, but neglecting the affordable housing or public transport that many workers need, governments have locked people into a lifestyle of long commutes to work that is dependent on cars.

Read more

On Monday the City of Sydney received the independent report into WestConnex which I called for in December.

The report by SGS Economics shows that the $11.5 billion WestConnex project will not deliver for Western Sydney, taxpayers or the travelling public.  Instead of 1950′s projects like WestConnex, the Government should be investing in public transport. Read more

Energy Efficiency Master Plan

Click to read the Master Plan

Last night, Council endorsed the City’s Energy Efficiency Master Plan to go on public exhibition. Read more

Last night we watched in awe as 3,000 participants marched down George Street for the City’s Chinese New Year Twilight Parade. The dancing and music, colourful building projections and pyrotechnics make this one of Sydney’s great events. Read more

On Friday night we proudly raised the Rainbow Flag above Town Hall for the sixth time as part of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival. Read more

Last week I met with our staff who have completed the extensive cleaning and restoration of the Grand Organ at Town Hall. Read more

It’s 50 years since the ‘Freedom Ride’ led by Charles Perkins set off to visit north-western NSW and in doing so helped change race relations in Australia.

Read more

This 19th Chinese New Year Festival celebrates the Year of the Sheep. People born in the Year of the Sheep are said to be clever, tender, polite, creative and compassionate. Read more

For generations, Kings Cross has been a lively and cosmopolitan place. In recent years, its reputation as a great place to go at night, coupled with the growth of beer barns and strip joints, gave rise to street violence and a deteriorating quality for residents and those who wanted to enjoy all else it offers. Read more

This week I was delighted to attend the official opening of the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, the new home for the UTS Business Faculty which was designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry.

Read more

Libraries are a wonderful community resource and, with their ever-broadening scope of activities, they can also be a wonderful way of building and strengthening a sense of community. Read more

Around the world, governments are embracing the need to invest in 21st century transport solutions. Read more

I’m really pleased to be extending our Oxford Street Creative Spaces program this year. Read more

This week I was saddened to hear of the passing of Tom Uren AC. Tom Uren was a Parliamentarian for 31 years, Minister in the Whitlam and Hawke Governments, former prisoner of war and lifelong advocate for peace, human rights and the urban and natural environment. Read more

Sydney Harbour is one of the world’s greatest harbours and we need to protect its diverse marine life for future generations. Read more

Part of making our city more and more liveable is making sure new parents have the option of returning to work if that’s what they’d like to do. Read more

This week the City launched the 360 card – a new membership which allows access to all the City’s award-winning pools and gyms. Read more

Every summer Sydney Festival transforms our city with a bold cultural celebration bringing together high quality art and big ideas. Read more

Sydney has just been through a record year for approving new buildings and developments — and our skyline will keep soaring in 2015. Read more

2014 marked ten years since I became Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney.

That’s a decade of strong, stable, corruption-free Independent leadership, from a progressive, efficient and outcome-focused organisation, with a long-term vision for our city’s future and $1.9 billion budgeted for infrastructure over the next decade. Read more

Together with the Sydney community, I want to express shock and horror at the tragic events that occurred this morning at Martin Place.

Read more

For the past two weeks, the United Nations annual climate summit has been meeting in Lima, Peru. This summit is particularly important, as it is the last meeting before the critical Paris climate summit in 2015, where nations will agree on a successor to the Kyoto Protocol. Read more

Today’s Australian newspaper reports that Great Fortune Investment is marketing DeiCorp’s Dei Cota apartments in Redfern to Chinese and Asia buyers with the claim that “the Aboriginals have already moved out”. The reference was on their website but has now been removed. Read more

I strongly support the development of a new primary school in Ultimo. The City has worked for the past year to finalise the sale of the former deport on Fig and Wattle streets to the State Government for that purpose.

Read more

As of this weekend, ambassadors will be on standby at a “Safe Space” vehicle as part of a new pilot program to make our City’s entertainment precincts safer. They will offer first aid, water, phone and internet access and transport information to vulnerable young people who may be intoxicated or affected by drugs. Read more

This week, Sydney was recognised as one of the world’s most forward-thinking cities with an invitation to join the 100 Resilient Cities network. Read more

This afternoon down at Dawes Point I briefed media on our plans for our New Year’s Eve celebrations. I can hardly believe it’s that time of year already. Read more

On Friday night I had the pleasure of opening the NSW Business Chamber’s 2014 State Business Awards in Darling Harbour.

Eleven businesses operating in the City – seven companies, two local chambers, one training college and a museum – were in the running for top honours having won their respective categories at the South East Regional awards in July.

Read more

Today, 1 December, is World AIDS Day. We mark World AIDS Day to raise awareness about the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. It is a day for people to show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died. Read more

Last Monday in Rome, the City of Sydney’s renewable energy master plan was awarded the EUROSOLAR European Solar Prize 2014 award for excellence and innovation. Read more

Christmas is a wonderful time to be in Sydney. Last week I officially launched the 2014 Sydney Christmas program and this year will be our biggest yet, with more lights, trees and interactive projections than ever before.
Read more

Premier Mike Baird is going to the March election with an enormous, albeit hypothetical, treasure chest. Electricity asset sales are in his sights and a one-off $20 billion cheque almost in his grasp.

Read more

This week people all round Australia took part in White Ribbon Day to send a strong message that violence against women and children is never OK.

Read more

This week I spoke at UrbanGrowth NSW’s Bays Precinct Summit, a gathering of selected planning and design experts from around the world to discuss the future of this unique location. Read more

Sydney’s ongoing engagement in Asia, particularly with China, is a key to maintaining our global standing. This encompasses more than our economic ties. It also extends to civic, social, educational, environmental and cultural links.

Read more

(12pm, Beaconsfield Park, 54 Queen Street)

Thank you Matty (Matty Slabacu, MC) and welcome to the Green Square is Here community day.

Green Square is transforming our southern precinct into a vibrant and sustainable urban development. At 278 hectares, it includes long-established suburbs like Rosebery and Beaconsfield – and today is all about recognising these older communities as an important part of this rapidly changing precinct.

It is also about recognition of the land on which we stand during this time of renewal.  So, thank you to Uncle Max for the smoking ceremony and to Uncle Ray for your welcome to country.

From its industrial past, Green Square is emerging as a place of innovative housing design, business and retail, and new and old communities proud of their area’s past and future.

The City has committed $440 million over the next 10 years to deliver quality infrastructure and community facilities.  We’ve started our early works for the Library & Plaza, working alongside other developers in shaping the new Green Square Town Centre. Today you can see some images of what the streets in the new town centre will look like. We encourage you to speak to City staff and to view the plans for new community facilities for your area, including the new Library & Plaza, as well as Gunyama Park and the Green Square Aquatic Centre.

As this community grows, transport and other state-provided infrastructure will continue to be a pressing issue. I recently met with the State Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance to once again highlight the needs of residents in this rapidly growing area.

We’re also working with residents who are experiencing the impacts of construction, and coordinating with Urban Growth NSW and private developers on a comprehensive community relations program during construction periods.  If you would like to speak to someone about construction in your area, you can talk to the Council staff here today.

No great community day was ever delivered without partners, and I would like to acknowledge the fabulous work that South Eastern Community Connect (formerly SENC) are doing. They provide aged and disability programs, as well as plenty of activities for children and their parents.  Be sure to catch the people bus (it leaves on the hour from the basketball ring) and wander over to the Beaconsfield Community Centre to see what’s on offer. I hear they have Devonshire tea and painting activities. Thanks also to Community City tennis for putting on some terrific free family activities to get people out and active together.

And last, please stick around as our public historian, Lisa Murray will be providing a pre-launch reading from the RAW (Redfern Alexandria Waterloo) histories book.  If you are interested in receiving a copy, track Lisa down after the speeches so she can add your name to the list.

Thank you all for coming and have a wonderful day!

(6pm, Pier 2/3 Walsh Bay)

Thank you and good evening.

I’d also like to acknowledge John Kaldor AM, whose extraordinary generosity is responsible for Kaldor Public Art Projects bringing the first lady of performance art Marina Abramovic   and her collaborator Lynsey Peisinger  to Sydney.

Marina’s long and illustrious career has seen her perform and exhibit at the world’s major institutions, including the Guggenheim, New York’s Museum of Modern Art and London’s Serpentine Gallery.

She first visited Australia in 1979, performing at the Art Gallery of NSW for Nick Waterlow’s Sydney Biennale. Read more

(12.30pm, Stonewall Hotel)

Thank you Robert, and good afternoon everyone.

It’s great to be with you today for the launch of another innovative Pride History Group project – the Sydney GLBTI Pioneer Names Project. And a very warm welcome to all the GLBTI pioneers who are with us today.

This project is a worthy continuation of your efforts to preserve and promote Sydney’s GLBTI history. Read more

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Two weeks after getting it wrong, the Daily Tele 'clarifies' their errors. But today's effort gets it wrong too. Despite claims in this 'clarification', the Tele always knew @cityofsydney was not involved in this project because we and CoDesign Studio told them so from the beginning. They won't let the facts get in the way of their agenda.

This is Mary Veronica, the new tunneling machine which will help flood-proof Green Square. Anyone living in or passing through the Green Square area during April's torrential rains would remember chest-high water and flooding. Work has commenced on a new 2.4km underground stormwater drain to reduce the damage of such floods and help make this area a great place for thousands of people to live and work safely. At a cost of more than $90 million, this project is a key component of the City’s $440 million transformation plan for new infrastructure and community facilities.