Here’s what just some people are saying about the Shooters Bill:

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Recent planning and development processes for foreshore land have created significant community distrust about how the State Government will plan and redevelop the Bays Precinct.

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On Monday night Council formally resolved to oppose the Shooters and Fishers – City of Sydney Amendment (Elections) Bill 2014 and called on the NSW Government to withdraw support for their proposal.

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Sydney’s littlest photographers have demonstrated talent comes in small packages, with twenty finalists selected from 150 entries for the 2014 Little Sydney Lives exhibition and prize.

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Public Meeting, Saturday 6 September, Sydney Square from 11am

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I’ve written to the Premier to let him know the City of Sydney formally resolved to call on the Government to withdraw its support of the Shooters and Fisher’s Bill on business voting.

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It’s disappointing that supporters of the Shooters & Fishers Bill on business voting in the City of Sydney need to rely on misleading claims and factually incorrect information to support their case.

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Liberal City of Sydney Councillor, Christine Forster’s op ed in the Daily Telegraph has revealed she’s out of touch with businesses on Oxford Street.

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In just over a week Sydney will play host to the Bingham Cup – rugby union’s gay world cup.

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New research published this week by The Climate Institute, WWF-Australia and ACF shows that scrapping or reducing Australia’s mandatory Renewable Energy Target (RET) would do nothing to reduce household energy costs. Read more

It’s easier for businesses in the City of Sydney to vote in local government elections than anywhere else in NSW. Businesses only need to operate for three months before they can enrol to vote (as opposed to three years in other local government areas).

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Sydney City is one of the fastest growing areas in terms of jobs and residents. And the City of Sydney has played a large part in that. For the last ten years, we’ve made the area one of the most desirable places in Australia to live and work.  Read more

The Shooters and Fishers Party and the Liberal Party are working together to manipulate democracy and to dilute the voting rights of NSW residents. And they’re doing it by blatantly misleading the public.

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Today the Government announced to the media that they would support a Bill by the Shooters and Fishers Party to manipulate how people can vote in the City of Sydney.

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The average resident in the City of Sydney generates 329kg of waste each year. One of our most important jobs at the City is ensuring that residents’ waste is collected and disposed of properly.

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Visualising the devastating effects of climate change can be challenging, but a new exhibition at Customs House is full of stunning reminders of the challenge we face.

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More entertainment options in the city that aren’t focussed on drinking is something I’m very keen to see more of.

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Last night Council supported my Lord Mayoral Minute to request that the NSW Government remove the Oxford Street clearway and reduce the speed limit to 40km/h.

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(4pm, Sunday 31 August 2014, Trinity Bar 505 Crown Street)

Thank you, Kerri [Glasscock, MC]. Hello, everyone – welcome!

The City is delighted to once again join with the Fringe Festival, with APRA AMCOS and the National Live Music Office to celebrate the fabulous talents of our musicians.

Shortage of talent has never been a problem in Sydney, but in recent years, a shortage of venues has been. So we set up our Live Music Taskforce in 2103 to help remedy the problem, and in April this year, we adopted the Action Plan.

One of the recommendations we’ve already acted on is the $20,000 commitment to the APRA/AMCOS Live and Local campaign and to provide affordable space in City-owned properties for artists to work, and in some cases, to live as well.

Affordability is the key if we are to have a self-renewing live music culture.

We’re also lobbying the NSW Government to develop a fund to support live music and performance out of the hefty gambling revenues.

And we’re also looking to simplify regulations around live music venues and to develop a marketing strategy with the live music and performance sector.

We were excited to announce in June the agreement we’ve negotiated with developer Greenland Australia to build a $25 million state-of-the-art creative hub in its residential tower on Bathurst Street.

We’ve signed a 99-year lease for the hub for a peppercorn rent through a Voluntary Planning Agreement with the developers and we hope this is the forerunner of other agreements that will encourage Sydney’s tremendous creative industry sector.

The hub on five floors will have facilities for music, along with other art forms, and include rehearsal spaces, studios, offices and production rooms, as well as a live/work apartment for a creative fellowship program.

We know the audiences are there – a full 95 per cent of all submissions to our Task Force supported live music. We will continue to work with musicians and the industry including venue owners and licensees, to give our artists the opportunities they deserve.

This afternoon’s “shop front” performances are a brilliant way to do that, and a great prelude to a month of live music ranging from Paddington to Kings Cross, to Surry Hills, Redfern and Chippendale, to Erko, Newtown and Enmore, to St Peter’s and Marrickville, to Leichhardt, Glebe and Ultimo.

What a great way to celebrate Sydney music and musicians. I’m delighted to declare the Festival open and to wish you all a fabulous time!

(6pm, Tuesday 26 August 2014, Reception Room)

Hello, everyone and welcome to Town Hall for our reception to honour and farewell Her Excellency, Professor The Honourable Dame Marie Bashir as Governor of NSW.

Your Excellency, in early 2001 when Bob Carr announced you would be our State Governor, most of us felt a breeze of fresh air. An office that had historically been occupied by aristocrats and military men would at last be filled by a woman, and a woman who had already established a distinguished career in medicine.

Your appointment was universally welcomed by all sides of politics and the community. A Sydney Morning Herald editorial as “an inspired choice” and noted that you would be “a powerful advocate for the powerless”.

That prediction proved to be spot on. The very day you took up your new role, you agreed to become Patron of the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service. But in reality, that was confirming a relationship that existed for three decades.

Until the very early 1970s homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder. In 1973 the Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry became the first professional body in the world to declare that it was not a mental illness. As Professor of Psychiatry at Sydney University, you not only accepted this, but positively embraced it.

You later became patron of CAMP NSW which evolved into the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service) and you were fully supportive of its efforts to help people struggling with their sexuality.

But this was entirely in keeping with your approach to your profession. Rather than lead a comfortable life treating the fashionable phobias of the wealthy, you dedicated your career to the most vulnerable in our community. You built a strong reputation in adolescent health for your work with troubled teenagers which provides consultative services for young people with emotional and psychiatric issues.

You also worked with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. You established the Aboriginal Mental Health Unit, in a partnership with the Aboriginal Medical Service in Redfern to provide regular clinics and counselling. You later took up a consultative role of senior psychiatrist to the Aboriginal Medical Service.

You work was not limited to Australia. As Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Sydney, you were instrumental in developing collaborative teaching programs between colleagues in Vietnam, Thailand and Australia.

When you became Governor you took the opportunity to raise community awareness about our most vulnerable, and you continued your strong friendship with the GLBTI community. And that friendship was reciprocated with the warm welcome you would always receive at GLBTI events.

In 2005 you opened the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival with a speech that credited Mardi Gras with fostering “that sense of freedom which springs from the considerable diversity within our society – diversity of race, religion, culture and also sexual orientation”

And you warned:

“We must never take these things for granted because most of you would agree that across the world today an extraordinary winding back to many previously discarded attitudes is taking place, not only affecting gay and lesbian groups, but women’s health and many aspects of social justice.”

There have been many others. I was pleased to join you for the launch of the Pride History Group’s 100 Voices last year, which celebrates the community’s history and changes brought by its activism.

These changes are many, some quite surprising. In 1957, when you married Sir Nicholas, then one of Australia’s leading Wallabies, could either of you have imagined that you would be hosting a reception for the Bingham Cup, or that Sir Nicholas would have been mixing with gay rugby players.

Excellency, you are warmly welcomed wherever you go in the community, but perhaps no more than at the Luncheon Club. And not just because you were willing to join in serving the meals. At the Luncheon Club’s 13th anniversary you said:

“This is one of my favourite places in Sydney because it is about resilience, courage, helping one another and getting on with life. The atmosphere ought to be bottled and sold.”

Your Excellency, your commitment to public service should be bottled and distributed far and wide.

We wish Sir Nicholas and you well in your retirement, but you will be always welcome by the GLBTI community, and I hope you will join us each year for the raising of the rainbow flag at Town Hall.

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The @mca_australia_now is packed tonight for the opening ceremony of @binghamcup, the world cup of gay rugby.

A disturbing read: today's Saturday Paper exposes why the Shooters & Liberal Party want to take control of your city