Storm-proofing Green Square


Building a More Resilient City

Resilient City 3

Two weeks after getting it wrong, the Daily Tele 'clarifies' their errors. But today's effort gets it wrong too. Despite claims in this 'clarification', the Tele always knew @cityofsydney was not involved in this project because we and CoDesign Studio told them so from the beginning. They won't let the facts get in the way of their agenda.

This is Mary Veronica, the new tunneling machine which will help flood-proof Green Square. Anyone living in or passing through the Green Square area during April's torrential rains would remember chest-high water and flooding. Work has commenced on a new 2.4km underground stormwater drain to reduce the damage of such floods and help make this area a great place for thousands of people to live and work safely. At a cost of more than $90 million, this project is a key component of the City’s $440 million transformation plan for new infrastructure and community facilities.

Today I accepted membership of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program and brought together experts and representatives from almost all of Sydney’s 41 councils to develop a long-term plan to help build a resilience plan for our city. The plan will look for ways to better cope with extreme weather events like April’s torrential storms, as well as long term stresses such as housing affordability and other threats, such as terrorism. We are stronger working together to drive local action on these critical issues. #resilientcities

Buster (who is still getting bigger by the day) loves the new grass in the park.


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