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My staff have told me that the evil Ultron has been spotted in Sydney today – I'm not taking any chances and have secured Town Hall... But never fear! Fortunately Iron Boy, the hero we all need, is here to save us! Domenic, who has cystic fibrosis, is getting his wish of being a superhero granted by @makeawishaust today. If you're brave enough to make it down to the @sydneyoperahouse today at 1:30pm, join us in supporting Dom as he confronts Ultron! cIronBoyAU

Cannot believe the government's latest attack on Moore Park - proud to stand with Alex Greenwich, Jenny Leong & Ron Hoenig against this

Massed crowds in Sydney Square demand the govt #LetThemStay @getup_australia

So good to see the turnout for tonight's remarkable #letthemstay rally @getup_australia


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