Not too late to get local government reform back on track


Plan to Create CBD Council


The "Countdown to Paris" timer on stage for our #SydCityTalk gives a sense of the urgency and timeliness of tonight's discussion. Momentum is building toward December's climate summit but there is still a significant gap between stated targets and the reductions we need to avoid the worst effects of climate change. We can and must do more. Use the #SydCityTalk hashtag on Twitter to follow tonight's discussion and ask questions of our panel: Former EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard; Shadow Minister for the Environment Mark Butler; Australian Greens Deputy Leader Larissa Waters; and Former Liberal Party Leader John Hewson.

A great day for Sydney with the fantastic Barangaroo Reserve open to the public. Great to see so many people out enjoying the beautiful parklands -- some where more active than others!

This isn't the first step, Daily Telegraph. State laws have undermined voters' right to decide City leadership before. Carving up the CBD and the City’s residential areas? Just another self-interested attempt to gerrymander boundaries for electoral advantage.

Today's Daily Telegraph accuses me of inventing "imaginary hobgoblins and hysteria" because the City has prepared a climate change adaptation strategy. There is no more important issue for the long-term success of Sydney than addressing climate change. It is not "imaginary", by 2070 Sydney will be more than three degrees warmer and we need to prepare for that change. The strategy – which as been reviewed by experts, including the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology – sets out short and long term actions to prepare for extreme heat, storms, bush fire-affected air quality and rising sea levels. I'm proud of the work the City is doing to prepare Sydney for the effects of climate change, particularly following this week's announcement that the Federal Government will be taking disastrously inadequate emissions targets to the Paris Climate talks.


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